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Commitment to quality

From top management, and throughout the organization, quality, safety are paramount This commitment has created a corporate culture. Where effective programs are tailored to the customer's needs, driven by involvement of each employee and recognized by the Airlines.

Quality Policy (ISO-9001-2008)

EGYPTAIR is fully committed to all laws, regulations and international charters in the field of civil aviation as well as to the ISO 9001: 2000 and ECAA requirements through: Full commitment to national and international laws regulations and legislations related to ground services activities to ensure quality of performance. Fully satisfying and meet our customers requirements and expectations. Training a awareness and developing of the company human resources and aware the employee with the quality management system requirements. Continue improving of the quality managements system requirements, continual improving of the quality management system performance in the airport and related workshops.

Environmental Policy (ISO-14001-2004)

1-Ground services company is a pioneer and specialized company in rendering the ground handling and manufactured products for air planes passengers and cargo at different airports.

2-The top management is aware and fully understanding of the importance of protecting the surrounding environment and is committed to the following: (A) Protecting the surrounding environment and looking after the health of employees and customers. (B) A biding by laws, legislations, the international and national standardization relating to environment. (C) Applying the methods, strategies and the continual improvement projects which prevent the environmental pollution and decreases wastes.

3- The company is to define the environmental objectives for all the levels and activities of the company, and annually reviewing and updating them, or whenever the amendments are necessary.